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e1 (ebene1) – Your navigator in the communication jungle

  • Today, marketing and advertising captivates by the fact that every week a new app, a new communication guru or the like is hyped and tomorrow demonized again. The communication channels are therefore diverse and sometimes confusing, the target groups are often difficult to reach on the one, optimal channel.

  • Here we are the navigator for you. We first focus on the basics (external appearance of your company or product) and then search the communication jungle for the optimal path to your success. In our network of experts we find the perfect partner for the most diverse tasks and can thus act extremely flexibly.

  • "Warm hearted" is responsible for the creative ideas that present your company and/or your product in the best light, optimally highlight the USPs and reach the target group in an eye-catching way. Warm heart" also means that we work on your project with a lot of passion and that your satisfaction is our focus.

  • "Cool-headed" ensures that your digital data is processed optimally and made available to you perfectly according to your needs. Whether it's a MAM/DAM solution for your image and video data or the open data of your brochures, or more broadly, your entire product data in 15 languages in a PIM system - we'll find a solution together with you. We also rely on digital solutions in project management, using, for example, Task Managers to handle your project efficiently - always in close coordination with you, of course.

The visible facts

More than 25 years of experience in many industries

  • 1993-2006 – Two predecessor agencies with identical teams:
    • 1993-2001: Hartenfeller & Sobtzick Werbeagentur GmbH
    • 2002-2006: H2K_communications GmbH
    • Reiner Hartenfeller as Managing Partner
    • Sebastian Hermann and Marcus Riepe als employees
  • 2007 – Foundation of ebene1: After spin-off from H2K_communications GmbH (which was bought up)
  • 2018 – Generation change: Sebastian Hermann and Marcus Riepe take over as Managing Partner

ebene1 Kommunikation GmbH is independent, owner-managed, efficient and reliable.

The procedure

"A goal set correctly is half achieved"
Karl Pilsl, (*1948), Austrian business journalist, entrepreneur and market researcher living in the USA

  • First think strategically and goal-oriented, then work creatively and implement responsibly.
  • Development of product and brand success based on a clear positioning.
  • Central idea: Development of character / utility features.
  • The brand character is the inner image of a brand, which has to be memorized by the target groups. It always aims at only one central message - the red thread.
  • Our credo is to think ahead, think along, think further.
  • Our measures are aimed at the gut and the head.
  • We put our heart and soul into what we do!

The expert network

  • Short innovation cycles require a maximum of flexibility.
  • The communication process is often supported by business partners.
  • If required, we can draw on a network of experts that has grown over 25 years.
  • We maintain long-term business relationships with most network partners.
  • Based on recommendations, we are continuously looking for new partners to strengthen and expand our spectrum.

The quality assurance

  • Quality assurance plays a central role in the overall project management
  • Multi-stage test procedures for printing projects
    • Layout: page layout (type area), typography, image placement, corporate design
    • Text: Spelling, content, text wrap
    • Image: Colors, shape, format, image rights
    • Data: Format, resolution according to specifications of the production plant and dispatch with precise production instructions
  • Multi-stage testing procedures for digital projects
    • Layout: Responsive screen design according to corporate design, maximum usability
    • Text: Spelling, content, optimization for digital reading habits
    • Image: Colors, shape, format, image rights
    • Data: Format, resolution according to the specifications of the digital medium
    • Detailed functional tests

The team


  • People with ideas are the capital of the future.
  • This applies equally to customers, targetgroups and employees.
  • Our employees, their commitment and creative ideas are our most important capital.
  • Thanks to their different backgrounds and our conceptual exchange of ideas, we always create a rich "pool of ideas" and ultimately the tailor-made solution for our customers.
  • We are always on the lookout for creative minds who love challenges and are happy to contribute their full commitment.